I Donít: A Contrarian History of Marriage

I Don't

Where did marriage come from? What gave rise to the concept and to the institution everyone loves to hate (if theyíre in it) and yearns to enter (if theyíre not)? I Donít tracks the evolving idea of marriage from sexual-control device to the dawn of our happily-ever-after dream.

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For Better, For Worse: A Candid Chronicle of Five Couples Adjusting to Parenthood

For Better For Worse

A nonfiction narrative that reads like a novel--and at some of the more harrowing moments, a novel may be exactly what you'll wish you were reading. For Better, For Worse unflinchingly documents the lives of five very different couples going through the same marriage-altering, mind-blowing, emotionally intense experience: The transition to parenthood, unfolding in real time from early pregnancy to the end of the first postpartum year. Here's the truth and nothing but the truth about what people should really expect when they're expecting--an unsettling, exhilarating rollercoaster ride through an unpredictable landscape, for better and worse.

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The Slender Balance

Slender Balance

If the author had prevailed over the marketing department, this book would have been called The Diet Disease. It was published before the subject of eating disorders (and their connection to crash dieting, a possible precursor as well as symptom) really came out of the pop-culture closet, way back in 1983. That makes the research anything but current, but the personal stories told here are timeless-- and The Slender Balance still has its diehard fans many years later. "It is a tragedy that this book went out of print," comments one of them, adding, "I know so many young girls [who] could benefit from it."

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Susan Squire is the author of three books, most recently I Don’t: A Contrarian History of Marriage (Bloomsbury USA, August 2008). Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times Magazine, New York, and The Washington Post, and in the best-selling essay collection, The Bitch in the House.

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