For Better, For Worse: A Candid Chronicle of Five Couples Adjusting to Parenthood

For Better or Worse: A Candid Chronicle of Five Couples Adjusting to ParenthoodA nonfiction narrative that reads like a novel--and at some of the more harrowing moments, a novel may be exactly what you'll wish you were reading. For Better, For Worse unflinchingly documents the lives of five very different couples going through the same marriage-altering, mind-blowing, emotionally intense experience: The transition to parenthood, unfolding in real time from early pregnancy to the end of the first postpartum year. Here's the truth and nothing but the truth about what people should really expect when they're expecting--an unsettling, exhilarating rollercoaster ride through an unpredictable landscape, for better and worse.

What the Critics Said ...

"Filled with the kind of tension and drama that drive a good novel...perceptively examines a time of immense and irreversible change."--People

"A suspenseful narrative...let's just say it's not all sweetness and the nursery."--Esquire

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