I Donít: A Contrarian History of Marriage

Image on the left Where did marriage come from? What gave rise to the concept and to the institution everyone loves to hate (if theyíre in it) and yearns to enter (if theyíre not)? I Donít tracks the evolving idea of marriage from sexual-control device to the dawn of our happily-ever-after dream.

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What the Critics Say...

"Wickedly funny...As we head into the presidential election, you may find yourself channeling Squire as you puzzle out your feelings about the Obama [and] McCain marriages..."--The New York Times Book Review

"Delightful...[filled with] more than a few laugh-out-loud moments...fascinating tidbits and great scene-setters, too."--NPR.com

"Take this potent, hugely entertaining book to bed."--O, the Oprah Magazine

"...fascinating...valuable insight into an institution that has recently been transformed yet again."--The Boston Globe

"very amusing...[a] passionate intellectual manifesto..."-- Library Journal

Susan Squire is the author of three books, most recently I Don’t: A Contrarian History of Marriage (Bloomsbury USA, August 2008). Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times Magazine, New York, and The Washington Post, and in the best-selling essay collection, The Bitch in the House.

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